BIO Floorpads

E-line floorpads manufacturer has joined the growing list of customers with a world first in floor hygiene technology.

E-Line produces a wide range of abrasive products and floor pads for the world of professional cleaning and construction. The company’s aim was to create a floor pad that could be used in public areas that would not become a propagation vehicle for bacteria to spread from one environment to another.The result is the new E-line BIO PAD, which contain innovative antimicrobial technology, designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99% compared to normal floor pads.

When the E-line BIO Pad is added to a product it prevents bacteria from multiplying on its surface. Any bacteria landing on a E-line BIO PAD protected surface will be unable to replicate and therefore dies. When the E-line BIO Pad is built into a product it designed to last for the lifetime of the product, giving long-term protection from harmful bacteria. While keeping the floor pads hygienic, E-line BIO Pad also prevents the formation of unpleasant odours.

The new E-line BIO Pad protected floor pads will be used to treat areas where hygiene is a real concern, including airports, hospitals, schools, gyms, hotels and shopping malls.

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R & T always strives to raise the bar in the cleaning industry by offering the most balanced combination of Superior quality floorpads, fast dependable service and competitive pricing. Being almost 20 years successful in the industry and exporting to well over 40 countries we know that our customers can grow and prosper by partnering up with R & T’s E-line floorpads.